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This manual was created at the turn of the millennium, when I was working as a lecturer in education at the Open University of Helsinki, which at the time was part of a separate institution in Palmenia. At that time there were a very large number of students in the education system, and the most common form of graduation was the essay. It was necessary to write some form of formal instruction to write the essay. Naturally, instructing students in the same practice that is commonly used in the educational sciences, then in dissertations: proseminants, undergraduate, master's thesis, and doctoral dissertations.

Instructions were based on king essays. This book, on the other hand, is largely based on a publication guide published by the American Psychological Association(APA). Hirshjärvi et al. simplified the original APA guidelines and applied them to the Finnish context. In recent editions, Hirshjärvi et al. (2009) present, in addition to this simplified guideline, the original APA practice. For a long time, this code followed Hirsjärvi's simplified practice. Since then, the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki has adopted the original APA direction policy as a guideline, which the Department of Behavioral Sciences (psychology, general and adult education) also tends to follow. That's why in July 2016 I adapted the code to follow the original APA guidelines. I recommend exploring the guidelines in more detail with the following book: American Psychological Association (2010). A Guide to Publication. 6th Edition. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

It should be noted that different sciences follow very different source references and bibliographic practices. For example, in ninjaessays legit history, social sciences and medicine are quite different. If you have studied other fields before education, it will probably take some time to adopt educational practices. International scholarly journals in the same field may follow different paths. From the student's perspective, the problem is that he or she cannot even draw inspiration from the practices of leading educational journals, nor from published (doctoral dissertation) books or from other fields of study. Finnish academic journals such as Psychology and the NMI Bulletin follow the practice presented here.

Over the years, many master's and master's thesis authors have been able to use the scientific essay - Instructional Guidelines as my study assignment at the turn of the millennium. Therefore, the previous update in 2012 already addressed the needs of dissertation students. Chapters 1 and 2 are mostly about essays, but at least chapter 2 can also be applied to theds. Chapters 3-9 are appropriate for all dissertation writers.

This code has changed over the years: it has gone from a paper version to an Internet page. Returning essays have also become electronic, etc. Lecturer, KL Tiina Renko has graciously improved the guidelines over the years. Thank you very much, Tiina!


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